Spotlight Player of The Week: Jacob Campos

Photo Credit: KIVA TALTY
Photo Credit: KIVA TALTY

The Spring Hill College rugby team has lacked size this season but they have one man who makes up for it, sophomore Jacob Campos. Campos, a New Orleans native, has held the forward pack together this year with his size and his versatility of moving to different positions. He is widely known across the Deep South for his size, strong running, and being a sure tackler.

Campos first started playing rugby his senior year of high school at Jesuit High School in New Orleans, La. During his first year playing, he was named 1st Team All District. Campos picked up the game because it seemed interesting. He said, “I started playing out of general interest in the sport. Once I started, I became immediately attached.” Another reason Campos stuck with rugby was the family atmosphere and how close the game brings people together. It’s his favorite part about the playing the sport. He continued, “The way rugby teaches unity in a team is the best thing about it. It brings teams closer. After high school, Campos continued his play at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.

Campos loves where he is at now. He really enjoys the strong bond amongst the community at Spring Hill and loves how close knit it is.  “Spring Hill is my home away from home. The community is a great group of people,” said Campos.

So far this season Campos, a Deep South All Star, has been a key player for Spring Hill. Campos has touched down  behind the try line once this season but you can often find Campos doing the dirty work such as winning the rucks for his team. He also the go to man when the team needs a few extra meters.

Spring Hill has lost their last two games but Campos is still excited for the final three of the season. He is confident the Badgers can pull it together and make something of their season. He explained. “We are a young team, and, even though we had a rough start, each week we learn more and more on how to play off of one another. As we start to get in sync with each other, our game play only improves. We look to stay focused on our game plan and finish the remainder of the season strong.”

Check out the Badgers as they take on The University of South Alabama Friday night 7 p.m. at the lower intramural fields located at South.


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