Spotlight Player of The Week – Jonathan Hernandez

Valdosta State University rugby is currently making a name for themselves in the college rugby world. One player, Jonathan Hernandez, has been helping them reach their goals.

Hernandez, who is graduating this May with a degree in mathematics, got his start two years ago playing scrum-half because of the encouragement of a friend.  ” I started playing because I was missing playing a competitive team sport. I played football and wrestled in high school and my sophomore year in college a buddy of mine told me to check it out and the rest is history,” he explained.

Playing for VSU has been an absolute honor for soon to be graduate. He has loved every minute of it. “Playing for VSU is almost surreal. I never thought I would have such a close group of guys I can consider my brothers. We eat together, train together, and when we’re not practicing or playing we’re going on trips and other adventures together. VSU Rugby is just a growing family,” he continued.

While still a rookie, Hernandez had the unique opportunity of playing in the 7’s national championship and this is also his favorite moment. He explained, “My favorite moment in rugby was playing for the 7’s National Championship in Philadelphia my very first couple months of playing.”

VSU just wrapped up their season against the ATL Bucks and now head into their off season to prep for the upcoming fall.

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