Supermodel Gets Recruited By USA Rugby

There is nothing like growing the sport of rugby. There is an all encompassing power that is attached to the soul of the sport that can make anyone feel invincible. Rugby is a sport that provides a certain set of skills that can be taught to anyone, as long as they are willing.

That leads us to the great conversation that went down on Twitter. Famous supermodel and social media steward, Chrissy Teigen, was talking about some of the NFL playoff games that went down this weekend.

Talking a little smack, she mentioned that she felt that she could take on some of the players that played in the NFL.


Now, many people would take that as a slight against NFL guys. Why would this model think that she could take them on? Well, leave it to the rugby community to stand up for the right of anybody, man or woman, to have the ability to knock someone the hell out. USA Rugby jumped into the conversation to let Teigen know that they had her back to help prove her husband wrong.


With Teigen getting the invitation, it was definitely up to one of rugby’s low key golden children to confirm. In jumps Mark Cuban to provide some credibility to the claims by USA Rugby.


Of course, no recruitment can go without an opponent to compete against. The UFC twitter page tried to derail Chrissy from the truth a bit. USA Rugby definitely kept up with the push.



In any recruitment, you always want to have a little something extra up your sleeve. There is nothing like additional confirmation than an Olympic rugby athlete like Joanne Fa’avesi.

Needless to say, this is the community camaraderie that rugby is best known for. Something of absolute beauty.

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