University of Texas Head Coach Steps down

Jacob Liberman stepped down today as head coach of the University of Texas Rugby teams Sevens head coach. In heartfelt statement, Liberman expressed his appreciation and adoration for those he had worked with during his tenure at the University of Texas.

I am stepping down as head 7s coach for University of Texas Rugby. I am very happy and relieved that my good friend Mickey Johnson will be taking the reigns.

When I started coaching in the fall of 2010 I asked my wife Tracy Drayton Liberman for 5 years to pursue this dream. Behind every volunteer coach in rugby there is a loving and supportive partner who allows them to give back to the sport we love. Thank you to Tracy for sharing me with UT rugby.

Special thanks to Jeremy Thiel at CrossFit Central for our 5 year partnership, Michael Duke Winchester our long time coach and friend, and Alan Sharpley — the original UT rugby coach — for his great support through Dynastat and the Austin Blacks. (good luck in the national finals!)

I am very proud of the many firsts we accomplished over the past 5 years. Thanks to my good friend Butch Neuenschwander for bringing me in. We built on the great work accomplished by our predecessors Randy Lott, Kirk Tate, Homer Portillo, Ty Landry, and Scott Stites. The program is in good hands going forward with Christopher Justice Hopps, Richie Barnes, Greg Hesch, Justin Oxford, and Danny Camara. It was a pleaure working with all of you and I look forward to enjoying your great success. And many thanks to Walter Diego and the UT rugby alumni who answered the bell at every round.

Over the years many people have asked me why I commit so much time to a volunteer job. Because the job itself is its own reward. I am so blessed and grateful to have played a small part in the lives of the men and women I coached at UT. I asked them to give far, far more than anyone who wore our jersey gave in the past. They do not get scholarships, but play for each other, and with great pride in their school and state, and truly bleed orange. You have my sincere love, respect, and appreciation, and in me you have a friend for life. Hook em.

The Longhorns Sevens team has been a long participant of the College Rugby Championships in Philadelphia, including in 2014 where they lost in the quarterfinals. Liberman has helped coach UT to success appearing in two Las Vegas Invitational Tournaments, multiple USA Rugby College National Championships, and Conference championship finals. Best of luck to Jacob Liberman in his next endeavors.

Jacob Liberman during the Texas vs. Austin Blacks scrimmage; courtesy of University of Texas Rugby
Jacob Liberman during the Texas vs. Austin Blacks scrimmage; courtesy of University of Texas Rugby

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