USA Rugby Searches For New CEO

For all those armchair rugby administrators, here is some news for you. USA Rugby has officially begun the process of searching for a new CEO for the organization. It was announced last year that Nigel Melville was planning to step down as the head of USA Rugby. The process seems to be getting enacted now, as he begins his transition as the CEO of the new Rugby International Marketing (RIM).

Check out the press release by USA Rugby:

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – USA Rugby has commenced the search for a new Chief Executive Officer to succeed current CEO Nigel Melville who will be transitioning to CEO of Rugby International Marketing (RIM) in 2016.

Melville originally signed a 4-year contract as CEO of USA Rugby and President of Rugby Operations in 2007 and has been key in spurring immense growth of USA Rugby membership, record event attendance, the creation of a new annual North and South America-based competition (the Americas Rugby Championship), Olympic qualification and bringing the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens to the United States, among many other successes. Melville will leave his post as the longest tenured CEO in USA Rugby history. His future role with RIM will have a direct impact on USA Rugby, as the National Governing Body is and will be the majority owner of RIM.

RIM is a unique, “for-profit” commercial entity, attracting inward investment and building a quality revenue generation team that will represent USA Rugby’s current commercial rights and develop new revenue streams to fund the game.

“Nigel Melville has had an immensely successful run as USA Rugby CEO. During his almost 10-years at the helm, USA Rugby has experienced tremendous growth in all respects” said USA Rugby Chairman of the Board, Bob Latham. “We went from a $4 million per year budget to a $15 million budget, all of which was put back into the game. Our events have become an increasing source of revenue while also, and more importantly, have brought together the great American rugby community. Meanwhile, we have grown our membership from 50,000 to 116,000 registered members.

“I am pleased that USA Rugby will continue to be the beneficiary of Nigel’s many talents as he focuses on the commercial side of the game as CEO of RIM. The commercial opportunities that RIM generates will directly benefit USA Rugby.”

The new USA Rugby CEO will oversee the continued development of the organization and the sport of Rugby in the USA. The Chief Executive will serve a diverse rugby community and report to the USA Rugby Board of Directors, providing leadership to USA Rugby so that the outcomes from the strategic plan and annual operational plans are delivered.

“We look forward to bringing in a new person to lead the operations and management of USA Rugby – someone who can continue to grow and develop the sport and insure the relationships that Nigel has created stay in place,” said Latham. “Of course, Nigel won’t be far away and there will likely be a great deal of interaction between Nigel in his role at RIM and the new USA Rugby CEO.”

Melville is expected to be involved in the hiring process and play a part in the onboarding of the new CEO to insure a smooth transition. The new CEO will have the opportunity to work alongside Melville during the beginning stages of his/her new role. Melville will also remain a valuable resource for USA Rugby through his role with RIM.

The international search for a new CEO is currently underway and interested applicants are encouraged to apply via the listing found on the National Governing Body’s official careers page.

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