USA Women’s Rugby Team Shows Military Style RWC Preparation

As the USA Women’s Rugby National Team get ready for the Women’s Rugby World Cup on August 9, 2017, we need to remember what it takes to be an elite team. If seeing the highlights of their abilities during the national team vs. WPL All-Stars wasn’t enough evidence of how dynamic the women could be, this video of their workout regiment at Chula Vista definitely will.

Any team that incorporates any number of Navy Seal training into their workouts, in addition to the gruesome amount of cardio training they already have to do for rugby, needs to be properly respected.  Also, can’t beat a workout that gets people ready to sneak into enemy fortresses and straight up beast mode them into annihilation.

We can’t wait to watch the women perform in the next month as they have a chance at the RWC trophy in Ireland. But until then, try not to get too tired just watching them show out.

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