Why Penn Mutual Chose Rugby

Rugby is growing more and more. The success of the College Rugby Championships have seem to spurn a nationwide rousing of the sport. Tanner Simkins, of iSports Times, was able to get a sit down conversation with Penn Mutual CEO, Eileen C. McDonnel to talk about Penn Mutual’s hand in the college Rugby.

What was most interesting about this article was McDonnel consistent pointing out the impact that Rugby has had on millennials.

Rugby as the fastest growing team sport in the US and one that has a strong appeal to millennials created a great opportunity for us to be associated with individuals who can work well on a team.

The change in the social environment has actually appeared to have helped guide the decision for Penn Mutual’s decision to involve themselves in Rugby.

The fast-paced nature of the sport is important – millennials are consumers of instant information and communication, so there is a great attraction to rugby.  Since we signed on in the fall we have seen other businesses associate with rugby. For example, Mitsubishi has a new car commercial, Apple watch has a segment of their commercial involving rugby.  I do very believe we are at this beginning of this and its great to be at the ground level.

You can read the rest of the interview at How Penn Mutual Scored Rugby

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