Women’s College Rugby Predictions – Week of February 28, 2015

As we enter a new week of Rugby, we find ourselves with an intricate set of choices for the Women’s College Rugby matches. We went 5-0 last week in our predictions. Let’s see how we do this week.

Mason-Dixion Conference


Virginia Tech (1-1) at University of North Carolina (3-0)

University of North Carolina has been on fire this Spring. They completed their third dominating win of the season over North Carolina State, 59-19. UNC has played excellent defense and scored heavily this spring season. Naya Trapper has lead UNC and the Mason-Dixon Conference in scoring all-season. Virginia Tech hasn’t been dominate this season, but they’ve played proficiently. Only having two games in a round robin circulation isn’t enough to base a season on. That being said, UNC is too dominate on offense to be counted against. Look for UNC to take the win.

South Independent Rugby Conference


Georgia Tech (2-1) at Florida State University (0-3)

Georgia Tech and Florida State are playing in one of the competitive D1 conferences in the country. Georgia Tech has played a good 2-1 season, with their best win coming against University of Central Florida, but taking their worst loss against University of Florida. Florida State has just not been able to keep up this season. They have played against 3 of the 4 top teams in the SIRC, and will be playing the 4th one this week. Look for Georgia Tech to dominate this game.

University of Florida (3-0) at University of Central Florida (2-2)

University of Florida has played as well as any other team, not named Life University. They have shown the ability to both defend and dominate their opponents thoroughly. University of Central Florida was down right dominated last weekend. Being pitched their first shut out in at least 2 years in the SIRC, against Life University. UF has shown to be entirely to dominate this season, and is prepping for a battle of the undefeated on March 14th against Life University. UCF will look to rectify their situation, but I fully expect University of Florida to take the win in this match.

University of Alabama; courtesy of Alex Joseph Lyons
University of Alabama; courtesy of Alex Joseph Lyons


Clemson (0-3) at University of North Georgia (0-2)

Clemson University has struggled with numbers this season. Travel will be a tough one for this team. University of North Georgia has struggled against the two top teams in the SIRC-North. Clemson is just a bit too shaky right now to be effective. Look for University of North Georgia to get the win.

Lee University (2-0) at UT-Chattanooga (3-0)

This is the primer match of the week for women’s side. The battle for the top of the SIRC-North. Neither of these teams have not played a strong schedule so far, though UTC did have to tough out a win over University of Georgia. Both these teams will be looking forward to this match, as the winner will lead the SIRC-North. Watch out for scoring leaders, Abby Hogan of Lee University and Dianne Pamplona of UTC. Defense wins game, and 12 points allowed by Lee University this season is what is leaned on for this match up. While I expect this to be a close game, I expect Lee University to take the win on this one.

University of Alabama (3-0) at Spring Hill College (0-3)

University of Alabama has played very well this season. They sit atop the SIRC-South looking down. Their biggest opponent was Kennesaw State University, who they were able to defeat last week 22-17. Alabama has played great team Rugby this season. They have had 5 scorers this season, and one of the best defenses in the SIRC-South allowing only 27 points this season. Spring Hill College is still trying to establish its program. They were unable to play last week, but they have the advantage of being at home and hopefully numbers won’t be an issue. Look for University of Alabama to take the win in this game.

Georgia Southern (1-2) at Emory (2-1)

Georgia Southern has made efforts this season to play well. They have shown efforts, but have not been capable of putting it together. Emory has shown flashes of strength. They have put up a strong fight against University of Alabama, losing 19-10 and defeated a tough Kennesaw State University, 15-5. Look for Emory to add another win to it’s record this weekend.

Florida International vs. Florida State
Florida International vs. Florida State; September 27, 2014

Florida Rugby Union

Florida International (0-0) at University of Miami (0-1)

I will put this out plainly, Florida International University is the most athletic women’s college team I have watched play this season. They have a backline that is utterly dominate, their biggest loss from their 2014 national fourth place finish was Flyhalf, Kimberly Semiglia, who transferred to Life University. Florida International will utterly run through this Florida Rugby Union. I don’t expect them to face competition until they get to the playoffs. Watch out for center Brittany Broomfield, to be a name you hear often this season. Look for FIU to dominate in this win.

Florida Atlantic University (1-1) at Eckerd (0-0)

This is going to be a match up of two evenly matched team. Neither team has been particularly impactful. Florida Atlantic’s only win has come against University of Miami. Eckerd has played a couple games this 2014-2015 season, but were handily beaten. Thought the loss were against SIRC powerhouses University of Florida and University of Central Florida. I expect Florida Atlantic to take the win in this game. More recent play will be the advantage for Florida Atlantic.

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