Women’s College Rugby Predictions – Week of March 7, 2015

South Independent Rugby Conference


Florida State University (1-3) at University of Tennessee (0-4)

Florida State came out with the upset as they defeated Georgia Tech, last week. University of Tennessee has struggled this entire season. University of Tennessee hasn’t been competitive in any games, at home or away. They have scored twice the entire season and allowed 320 points. Though Florida State has not been significantly better this season, but they’ve shown some ability to score. Look for Florida State to take this game as both teams close the regular matrix season.

FSU Women's Rugby; courtesy of FSU Women's Rugby
FSU Women’s Rugby; courtesy of FSU Women’s Rugby

Georgia Tech (2-2) at Life University (3-0)

This will be the top match up for the SIRC this week. Life University has been the best team in the league in offense and defense. While Georgia Tech has been proficient this season, they have shown to be inconsistent, topped with an upset loss against Florida State. In this situation, Georgia Tech will be the underdog in the match up. Life University has shown themselves to be too consistent and too efficient. Look for Life University to take this game.

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