YOUTUBE: Louisiana Tech Rugby vs. University of Louisiana Rugby (w/ commentary)

Louisiana Tech traveled to Lafayette, LA to take on the Deep South Rugby Conference defending champions, University of Louisiana Rugby.

Final Score:

Louisiana Tech                25
University of Louisiana   22



University of Louisiana Rugby

Louisiana Tech Rugby

1 Dustin Edwards Tyler Wright
2 Quinn Anglada Thomas Savione
3 Zach Trampel David Berry
4 Rudy Spurlock Ben Lapota
5 Altrin Lewis Max Bozeman
6 Clayton Doucet Tyler Wright
7 Murphy Bell Nathan
8 Robert Cook Will Crawford
9 Giancarlo Rodriquez Dillan Blair
10  Gerardo Abascal Eric
11 Hunter Alario Coulter
12 Rod Blouin Aaron Gootzeit
13 Ralph Issa Nate
14 Marlon Watkins Ian
15 Shane Kennedy Albert Castillo
16 Anthony Bertrand Ryan White
17 John Posner Jalen
18 Terrance Hocur Tullis
19 Stephen
20 Hector
21 Hayden
22 Codie Sims


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