Scores From This Weekend: Women’s College Rugby – Week of February 28

Monday is a resting day from a crazy week of Rugby play. I’m back with our second article on scores from this weekend and prediction results for Women’s College Rugby. Last week I went 5-0, i’m hoping for another perfect week. You can check out my predictions entering the week.

Mason-Dixon Conference


University of North Carolina 92, Virginia Tech 12

We went 1-0 in this conference. Not much ambiguity here. All I can say is that Naya Tapper is an amazing Rugby player.

University of North Carolina Women's Rugby vs. Virginia Tech; courtesy of KFolk Photos
University of North Carolina Women’s Rugby vs. Virginia Tech; courtesy of KFolk Photos

South Independent Rugby Conference


Florida State University 17, Georgia Tech 12

University of Central Florida 42, University of Florida 7


University of North Georgia 40, Clemson 0 (forfeit)

UT-Chattanooga 10, Lee University 10

Spring Hill College 10, University of Alabama 19

Emory 43, Georgia Southern 7

I went 3-3 in this conference. Division 1 is really anybody’s game to take. I was completely thrown by the upset of FSU over Georgia Tech. UCF seems to have returned to dominance against Florida. Always remember, despite what it looks like on paper, it doesn’t matter until the game is played. Also congratulations to University of Alabama for completing a perfect regular season! Cheers!

Florida Rugby Union

University of Miami 0, Florida International 20 (forfeited)

Eckerd 10, Florida Atlantic University 0

I went 1-1 in this bracket. Very little surprise in the results. Eckerd and FAU could have gone either way. Both very evenly matched teams. 

This week I went 5-4 in my predictions

Overall makes me 10-4 for the season.

Let us know how you did in your predictions. Thanks for reading. Cheers!



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