Greaux Rugby Show: Katherine Aversano, Head Coach of Howard University Rugby Women

Katherine Aversano is the current head coach for Howard University Women’s Rugby team. Aversano became connected with Howard University when she attended Howard University Law, but her story in rugby has been long. She is also a former player, and administrator, with a good history of coaching rugby around the east coast, as well as […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Danny Lambe of GoLo Rugby

Danny Lambe is a rugby player turned entrepreneur. Danny was a guy who just wanted to help his kids out with their tackle defense and turned that into creating a product that specifically helps players learn how to tackle better and tackle safely. We speak about his upbringing, his short-lived professional rugby history, Ireland rugby, […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Takunda Rusike, Howard Rugby Women’s Captain

Takunda Rusike is a highly motivated rugby player who helped found the Howard Rugby Women’s team. Between working on the Howard team during the hot spot of the pandemic in 2020, as well as working on her degree, she has learned to find the balance between player, student, administrator, and HBCU representative.

Are Rugby Academies in the USA Set For a Renaissance?  

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. This was definitely one of the most active weekends of rugby that we’ve had in a while. There were strong 15s international matches happening. In South Africa, we had the South African women taking on Spain women, and South African men facing off against New Zealand for the […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Kisset Chirengende, Sports Marketer and Founder of Kyros Sports

Kisset Chirengende has been a pinnacle figure in the promotion and development of rugby matches around the world. He is the founder of Kyros Sports, a sports marketing agency that has been responsible for setting up high-level international matches and Super League matches in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  He is the director of the Beast […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Daniel Davillier Jr., captain & Co-Founder for Howard University Rugby Men

Daniel Davillier has been playing rugby since high school and envisioned starting a rugby legacy by helping to found a rugby team at Howard University.   We speak about his journey in balancing rugby and school. More Podcasts Apple Podcast: Spotify: Anchor:

Greaux Rugby Show: Diane Johnson of GUTS the Athlete Nutrition Specialists

Diane Johnson is an athlete nutrition specialist, who helps elite club-level student-athletes get stronger, reduce injuries and enhance performance using nutrition so they can achieve their dreams in sport and life. Apple Podcast

Greaux Rugby Show: Mark Diaz the head coach for the Hartford Harpooners

Mark Diaz has been a fierce promoter and player of rugby. Starting with the Panama City Hurricanes, he has seen his visibility grow as a player with the Optimus Rugby 7s Touring Squad, to becoming part of the coaching staff, and now leading the Professional developmental team, the Hartford Harpooners. 

Greaux Rugby Show: Malik Johnson the co-founder of Prairie View A&M Rugby

Malik Johnson has been in rugby since his senior year of high school. The opportunity to start a rugby club at Prairie View A&M was a legacy decision he couldn’t pass up. Malik talks to us about the ups and downs of creating a rugby program, and the sacrifices he made to develop the club.  […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Developing Rugby (part 2) ft Amelia Luciano, Farrah Douglas, Blaine Scully, Ram Eddings, Kyle & Tiana Granby

Return with another segment of “Developing Rugby.” This week we’ll be featuring World Rugby referee, Amelia Luciano; Co-Founders of R.O.O.T.S Rugby, Kyle and Tiana Granby; head coach of Mount St. Mary’s Rugby, Farrah Douglas; Former USA Rugby Men’s Captain, Blaine Scully, and Ram Eddings, founder of the Grey wolves Rugby and head coach for Idaho […]